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I trained in FineArt Painting at Brighton. 

I taught at the Unversity of Cumbria and retired in 2009. I live and work in Kendal Cumbria and was a founding member of Green Door Studios. I have a studio overlooking the River Kent in Kendal.

I gave up solo exhibiting  10 years ago. Since then I have amassed a large portfolio of work and have returned to old canvases to rework techniques, approaches and ideas.

Art Therapy

Many of my paintings are used by Art Therapist Organisations and part of the reason I have developed this website is to provide a gallery of my work for selection by these organisations. I am happy to loan out work for this purpose. 

A visit to my studio can be arranged by appointment. 

About Jill


Contact Jill  if you would like to know more about her work or to discuss art loans 

Thanks for submitting!

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