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Art Therapy Loan Scheme

“Jill’s paintings were always a

talking point in my therapy room."

I was pleased when I was first asked by an organisation who specialise in counselling children and young people, to use one of my paintings in their therapy sessions. Since then I have loaned out several pieces to similar groups and would be pleased to hear from Art Therapists and teachers who feel that my work would complement their practice and would like to borrow  one for a short or long term loan. 

Please see below for selection of my images for loan 

Freiraum IMG_5420.JPG

“The images and colours in Jill’s paintings encourage imagination and storytelling. They are often used as a starting point in conversations with young people and can lead to developing a positive dialogue with clients which may have stalled. They are just lovely to have around in a safe environment for the client”         


                                    Art Therapist/ Counsellor


“Jill’s paintings were always a talking point in my therapy room. The vibrant colours and shapes were used as conversation starters and allowed my clients to feel comfortable. They bring a sense of calm and were often talked about during times of contemplation and reflection. They brought a lot of life to the counselling environment”   


               Mark Harkness Person-Centred Counsellor                                                                                            



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