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My work is mostly ‘semi Abstract’ in content in that recognizable figuration is incorporated in the structures and composition of the paintings. However, the main focus is always colour, shape and surface texture. I seldom have pre-conceived images in mind  at the start of the piece but initial mark making  will reflect on drawings and ideas I have been developing in my sketchbooks. 

Scissors Paper Stone 


I work by building up layers of acrylic paint over many months or even years. The images appear within the shapes and spaces created and often a theme will begin to emerge which then runs through a series of paintings. Reworking old canvases has been most satisfying as new meaning and a contemporary relevance appear.


I work mainly in Acrylics on hand stretched Canvas in my studio in Cumbria. There is a space which hovers between a work of Art and it’s viewer where dialogue is created. That images promote discussion, imagination and story is a strong reason for looking at Art. 

My greatest satisfaction in the last few years has come from sharing some of the paintings with Art Therapists, working with children and Young adults. It  has since become my creative focus.

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